Quickly Massage Your Pain Away and Save 15% on the Vybe Flex Massage Gun Now

Vybe Flex Massage Gun | $85 | Amazon

You put your body through good workouts and then it starts to go through the healing process. The soreness takes over and sometimes simple tasks like getting up and down from the toilet are painful. The Vybe Flex massage gun gets back to sitting on the throne comfortably. This gun provides 12 mm deep tissue impact and breaks up the tension and knots in your muscles, it’s great before and after workouts. You don’t need to be a gym rat to use this gun, it works great to release the tension from everyday day life. The six interchangeable attachments hit every spot that you need to target. With three different levels of vibration from 1800 up to 3400 RPMs, relieve that back pain and activate those muscles to improve performance and enhance recovery. Ease that joint stiffness and be your best self. Save 15% today.

Источник: Lifehacker